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The development and operation of this statistics portal is a common task of the statistical offices of the Federation and the Länder. All those offices are equally responsible for design and content. The responsibility for the web server and technical availability of the website lies with the Land statistical office of Baden-Württemberg.

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Statistical offices of the Federation and the Länder

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Statistisches Landesamt Baden-Württemberg
Address: 70199 Stuttgart, Böblinger Straße 68
Tel: (+49-711) 641-0
Contact: Cornelia Schwarck

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The statistical offices produce their results on a legal basis, using recognised statistical and computational methods, and including comprehensive plausibility and quality checks, thus providing maximum reliability.

The statistical offices will not be liable for any typing errors or for any errors occurring in the information offered, nor will they be liable for any damage caused by improper use of the statistical data.

As a decentralised linkup of networks, the Internet uses intermediate storage and transmission of temporary data. It is a common feature of all Internet information providers that currently they cannot provide any guarantee preventing manipulation and inadvertent falsification or ensuring that only up-to-date data are used (e.g. old version still in user's cache), regarding the provider-user connection. Therefore, it is not possible either to provide any guarantee for the data transmitted online being identical with the original data.

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