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Thematic maps now interactive

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A picture says more than a thousand words! And thematic maps more than a table. With the interactive map contents "Statistics interMaptiv" the national statistic office offers a new service in it’s Online range. Data can be investigated faster, regional comparisons between communities or counties thus become additionally and noticeably simplified.


The interactive maps are available for 90 indicators of the various ranges of official statistics. This information of living, environmental and economic conditions at the municipal, county, regional, regional centre and state levels can be retrieved. One click is enough and the associated detail information will be displayed in a table from the regional data base.


Thematic maps

Example 1:
The characteristic "Forest area relative to municipal area" from the municipal level view. As municipality Horb am Neckar is activated. With the min/max panels, navigation can be in municipal ranking order or one can jump from the highest to the lowest values.


Example 2:
The characteristic selected is "population density in km˛".


Example 3:
The topic selected is "agriculture" with sub topic "areas" and the characteristic "proportion of arable land in agriculturally used areas".


Geographic map

With a click on the "Karte" button a switch from thematic map to geographic map and back is possible. If an area has been fixed with a left click this is maintained in the geographic map as well.


Special notice:

It should be pointed out that the political and administrative areas used in this programme are particular to Germany and can not be directly compared to those of any other country. However as an approximation the following areas or districts and their sub divisions have been used here:


Address, Homepage of the chosen municipality or county.
Google Maps
Only possible for the view: municipalities
They select with a mouse-left click (fixed ) a municipality and press later the Google maps button.
A connection with Google maps is thereby begun, and then you see for this municipality the satellite picture.
Here as an example: municipality 335028 Gottmadingen, county Konstanz, border place to Switzerland.
Regional unit


Representation of the State Baden-Württemberg.

Regional centre

Representation of the 4 centers.


Representation of the 12 regions.


Representation of the 44 Counties.


Representation of the 1109 Municipalities.


With this choice and the ensuing dialog the municipality that interests you can be selected. The selected municipality is fixed automatically (see »Left click«).

Regional centre

Additional displayment of border lines for Regional Centres, only possible for the subdivisional views: Municipalities to Regions.


Additional displayment of border lines for Regions, only possible for the subdivisional views: Municipalities to Counties.


Additional displayment of borderlines for Counties, only possible for the subdivisional view: Municipalities.

? Help

opens the help information.

Data base call

For the chosen topic and area a selection out of the regional data base will be made.

Zoom on / off

This possibility only exists at the municipal level. To zoom into an area first the "Zoom on/off" button must be clicked. Then with a depressed left mouse button you can drag an area that interests you onto the map. When you release the left mouse button, the chosen area will be displayed enlarged. With a right mouse click in the zoomed map you return to the complete view.

Boundary lines

Here boundary lines are hidden or revealed

Map / Topic Map

Here the geographical and the thematic maps are switched.

<= Back

With this button a maximum of the last 10 buffered municipalities can be redisplayed.
Municipalities are automatically buffered as follows:
1. Search via municipal selection dialog „Municipality ?“.
2. Selection from the regional list box on top right.
3. Fix with a left mouse click.

Tourist Board

Visiting the State Tourist Board Baden-Württemberg

Language DE / EN

Here the language german and english are switched.

Mouse control:

N.b. If Mouse control should not function, then please click on the applet to set the focus on the applet.
Left click
The area indicated with the mouse cursor will be fixed or released . By fixing the area it is possible to maintain the same area whilst changing the characteristic or topic.
Right click
Causes a switch to the lowest possible regional level with zoom.
For example: You are operating in the county level display. The cursor is over the "Enzkreis". With a right click the municipal areas of the "Enzkreis" county are displayed. With a repeated right click the display returns to the county level (this is similarly true when results are only available down to the county level. A right click within the regional display causes a zoom in to the county of the corresponding region).

Key assignment:

N.b. If keyboard control should not function, then please click on the applet to set the focus on the applet.
opens the help information.
corresponds to a right mouse click.
starts the data base call.
corresponds to a left mouse click.
corresponds to a click on the "Karte" (map button).
starts the dialog municipal selection.
Cursor up / down
causes an area change. The area with the next higher / lower district key will be activated.
Page up / +, Page down / -
causes an area change. The area with next higher / lower value will be activated.
activates the area with the lowest value.
activates the area with the highest value.

Visiting the interactive Maps of Baden-Wuerttemberg

Links without parameters
Examples: Links with parameters.
With the following links a direct selection of the desired area is possible.       Municipality 335028             County 421               Region 13                 Regional centre 2               State 08

Visiting the interactive Maps of other federal states

The interactive maps of Hessen (Germany)
The interactive maps of Bavaria (Germany)

Technical requirements

The "java virtual machine (JVM)" must be installed in the pc.
At least version 1.1.4 of Java is necessary.
A newer Java VM e.g. Version 1.6.x from available at:
Java virtual machine information ...automatically translated from German by Google.
This applet is optimized for 1024 x 768 Pixels.

network used


Content support:

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Dieter Bollinger
Stuttgart (Germany)

English language translation:

Keith Chilvers
Stuttgart (Germany)